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The moissanite uncut polki with pearls Necklace.


These gorgeous uncut moissanite Polki with pearls necklace are a wonderful addition to our new collection and are a great alternative to diamond polkis.

Beautifully created by our trained craftsmen, these 92.5 sterling silver moissanite necklace are all you need to round off your classic appearance with a contemporary twist.

These necklace stand out because of their lightweight design, which allows you to wear them all day without discomfort. The finished product says enough about the quality of the polki, which matches the top-quality grade.




92.5 Sterling Silver Moissanite Polki  With Pearls Necklace


Metal : 92.5 Sterling Silver


Gemstone : Moissanite

92.5 Sterling Silver Moissanite Uncut Polki With Pearls Necklace

SKU: SAAR-1160
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